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4500 Mushrooms Buy now
Name: ᴛᴜʀᴛʟᴇ Rank
Price: 40.00 GBP


On purchase, you will receive the ᴛᴜʀᴛʟᴇ Rank in-game.

Thank you for supporting the server!


  • Access to /glow (Make your character glow green!)

  • Access to /craft (opens a virtual crafting table)

  • Access to /recipe (view crafting recipes)

  • Access to /nickname (set your chat nickname)

  • Access to /near (view a list of nearby players)

  • Access to /sit (make yourself sit down)
  • Access to /head (wear a block on your head)

  • Access to /pweather (set your personal server weather)

  • Access to /ptime (set your personal server time)

  • Access to /heads (over 55,000 decorative heads)
  • Access to /enderchest (open your ender chest anywhere {Excluding the End})
  • Access to /feed (fill your hunger) 1 hour cooldown

  • Access to /condense (convert all nuggets and ingots in your inventory to blocks)

  • Access to /kittycannon (launch an exploding kitten)

  • Access to /clearinventory (clear your inventory)


  • Tag in tab

  • Chat tag in game

  • Tag above players head

  • 15% Sell price boost at the shops in /spawn

  • Ability to create 50 Chest Shops

  • 3 Rows of /backpack Storage - (inventory that is protected on death)

  • Your activated title will be shown above your players head!

  • Turtle title group in Discord
  • Ability to join the server when full

  • Set up to 6 homes maximum

  • Auction 4 items at the same time

  • Ability to spawn in the following pets with /pets
    ➝ Cow, Rabbit, Pig, Sheep, Fox. Chicken, Horse, Turtle.
  • Ability to mine spawners with silk touch

  • Exempt from teleport cooldown (Excludes /rtp)
  • Ability to wear pets as hats
  • Ability to disguise as the following mobs with /disguise
    ➝ Cow, Rabbit, Sheep, Fox, Pig, Turtle.

  • Access to the following grief prevention flags with /setflag

    ➝ NoMonsterSpawns (prevents all hostile mobs from spawning)

    ➝ NoFluidFlow (prevents water and lava from flowing)

    ➝ NoEnterPlayer (prevents specified players from entering your claim)

    ➝ NoLeafDecay (prevents leaves from decaying)

    ➝ NoIceForm (prevents ice from forming)

  • Ability to use colour codes and formatting on signs

  • Ability to use colour codes in /nick